Pumpkin Shell: retelling the nursery rhyme

she knew she was a captive
living in her pumpkin shell
calling out to Peter
“hark, the spirits ring the bell,”
but Peter, Peter,
had a plan
to trap himself a wife
so he feigned a happy countenance
and stole her very life

but Sarah was a stubborn girl
determined to be free
she waited through the thinning days
calling “Peter, think of me,
i am eating rotting pumpkin
scraping, scraping through the veil
soon i’ll reach the other side
where your soul will i impale”

then Peter Peter lost his nerve,
the story’d gone all wrong
his wife just wouldn’t stay entombed
and nights were growing long
“leave me, lassie,” Peter cried
“haunt not my hallowed eve,”
and Sarah laughed and Peter gasped
as a knife slid through his side

“now you join me Peter,”
whispered Sarah through the veil
“welcome home my husband,
i shall keep you very well.”

1Sagefemme all rights reserved 2019

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